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Mailing Lists

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New Services

We are testing VPN, Chat, and etherpad services. These services are still under development, and may be unreliable at times. If you want to help test them, please give them a try.


Resources and tutorials for more secure communication.

Help Desk
In order to contact us with a question, use the help desk form to create a help ticket. But first, please search and read the online documentation found on this site.

System Updates

New Tor addresses issued
Due to a security vulnerability disclosed on the internet today, we had to roll our tor hidden service addresses. This means that if you were using a Tor hidden service to connect to Riseup, you will not be able to continue to use that address. Please find out the new hidden service address and replace the old one you were using with the new one to continue to use Riseup's Tor hidden services!
New certificates issued
Due due to a severe and widespread security vulnerability disclosed on the internet today, we had to update our TLS certificates. Check out our new certificate fingerprints and learn how to verify them.
Systems Green
Everything is good.
Brief Outage
The will be a brief outage for all services tonight (Fri Nov 15) at 11pm PST for a scheduled power outage.