Greetings and welcome to Riseup’s July newsletter! It is summertime (at least for the northern hemisphere folks), and we are wondering what you are doing reading your email? You should be outside, get off the internet! We’ll meet you in the streets!

riseup stories


I saw your call for stories. I’ve used and loved my riseup account for five years now and counting, and have always been impressed with the service. My friends with hotmail, AOL, yahoo, etc. continually complain about problems, and they have to deal with advertisements and a lot more junkmail also!

My email list has been an incredible resource. It now has over 1,500 people on it from all my travels to the Middle East and around North America speaking and performing about resistance to US Imperialism.

One story I thought you might like. Whenever I give my email to activists, they always like the “riseup” domain, and they immediately get its revolutionary meaning. When I give it to non-activists, I say “riseup, like the sun”, and they say, “oh, how nice.” So it works for everyone.

Thanks SOOOOO much for the service, it’s truly one of the few national sustainable anarchist resources that has persisted through these dark times.

In solidarity and love of technology, despite my ignorance of how it all works,


Your stories make us very happy. If you have your own Riseup story, please send it to pigeon@riseup.net. Thanks!

list rejections

Some of you may have gotten rejections for very righteous lists you have requested. “Why does riseup hate me?” you may ask.

We don’t! We love you. But, the majority of list rejections happen because not enough information is provided. For example, people use acronyms all the time, and when the list-bird researches them, five different corporations might pop up with that same acronym. Yikes! We don’t want to support corporations. Or sometimes list requests say, “We are making our neighborhood better.” Does that mean you are organizing rent strikes (yay!) or trying to kick out all the poor people (boo!)? We have no idea, so we can’t approve it.

Lastly, our official policy for what lists we will approve is: Lists which are primarily for hobbies, general education, sports, or spiritual practice will not be approved. Lists must be political.

Freedom Summer of Code is accepting coder applications!

Do you want to be compensated for inspiring and meaningful work this summer/winter? Well, Riseup’s Freedom Summer of Code has an amazing list of great ideas for you to choose from to work on! If you apply to work on one of the submitted FSoC project proposals, you could be selected to receive funding for your work on the project. Take a look and submit your application soon. We will be working with various radical social justice organizations to determine the best fit and will announce the winners as soon as that has completed.

To apply to work on a project, first be sure to join the mailing list https://lists.riseup.net/www/info/fsoc-talk so you can get the latest updates on the project. Secondly, to apply to work on a proposed project (https://we.riseup.net/fsoc+proposals), visit the fsoc-coders pages (https://we.riseup.net/fsoc+coders) and follow the directions there.


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