What is encrypted email?

The other day, while seated at a lovely cocktail lounge, one of the birds from the riseup collective was talking with a riseup user about encryption. He wanted to know how it worked, and if riseup was indeed more secure than other emails. Then, the next day, Sunbird announced he had written a whole new help section about it. So, we would like to invite you to our proverbial cocktail lounge for a nice chat about encrypted email. We’ve created a whole new section of our Frequently Asked Questions about secure communications. Read all about it here:

And did you know? Riseup has an extensive FAQ on a number of different subjects, you can check it out at

If you have burning questions of your own that we have not yet addressed, let us know. All of our help content is volunteer-generated, so if you have a topic that you would like to write about, please let us know!


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Privacy of your data

We need to address the unfortunate situation of what happens when a riseup user dies. First and foremost, we offer condolences to the person’s loved ones and comrades, and extend our true sympathies.

After a lot of discussion and soul searching, our policy is to not turn an email account over to family, friends, or lovers. We realize this might be difficult, but here are our reasons:

It is crucial, even central to riseup’s purpose to keep people’s private information private. Somebody’s email account contains information not just about the person who died, but about everybody who has communicated with them via email. Next, because we do not keep information on you, we generally don’t have a way to definitively match up the deceased with an email account. Last, we cannot ensure that the person who is requesting access is somebody who the person who has died would want to gain access.


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