Whats with all the spam that has been coming in lately? We’ve noticed it too and although we filter spam and viruses like crazy, they are still getting through. What can be done about it? Riseup.net is about to implement an additional measure to fight spam, called greylisting. It is important that you read on to understand how this will affect your email.

Currently, when a mail message is sent to you, it typically comes within minutes. When we enable greylisting, there might be an initial delay for incoming messages to be delivered.

Once our mail servers are familiar with a mail source, additional mail from there will be delivered quickly. When we first turn on greylisting, however, you may notice a delay.

Why are we doing this? Greylisting has the potential to radically reduce the flood of spam and viruses we receive on a daily basis. This will be only one of three lines of defense, but we believe that the benefits will outweigh the inconvenience.

Greylisting will be enabled some time this week. See status.riseup.net for up to the minute updates.

The term greylisting has racist origins. It comes from mixing “blacklisting” and “whitelisting.” Unfortunately, no alternative terminology is currently available. For more information on how greylisting works, see en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Greylisting

To further reduce your spam, you might consider enabling the riseup.net spam filter for your account. See help.riseup.net/spam for more information.


We received a great response to our latest plea for donations. Thank you thank you! But please, keep them coming! Our expenses have recently increased, and monthly donations are still lagging slightly behind our new expenses.

If you are able, please pitch in to keep our servers humming along. See riseup.net/donate for information on how to donate.

Thank you, The Riseup Collective