No new lists for a while

All current lists will continue to work as normal, but as of October 15th, we are suspending all new list approvals as we work on updating our boxes and getting better sleeker systems to support all of you and the tremendous work that you do. You are welcome to request lists, but they will not be activated until our new systems are in place. This could last until the new year – we do not have an exact timeline, and will process new list requests as soon as we can. If you have some special circumstance where you really, really need a new list, email and she will try to help you out. We are contacting birds from radical tech collectives across the globe, and we will post a list of other places which can host new mailing lists.

What happens if you forgot your password?

Riseup often has to find a balance between security and convenience. When it comes to lost passwords, we allow users to reset their password if they have given us other information, like a secret question or alternate email. If you think you are likely to forget your password, it might be good idea for you to set a secret question (to do this, visit But keep in mind that providing such information is a security risk. Someone else who knows a lot about you could possibly reset it, and any information we store on you is more information than we are comfortable having.

If you are absolutely, positively sure you wont forget your password ever, then consider removing this information from our system. But, make sure you understand the following: If you don’t have your alternate information set, and you forget your password, you will be locked out of your account! We cannot make any exceptions to this policy in order to ensure that we don’t give out account information to impostors. <—- super important, read it again!

To keep yourself from forgetting, there is nothing wrong with writing down the password and keeping it safe (but dont lose it!). It is usually much better to use a complicated password and write it down then to use a simple password and keep it only in your memory.


We are pleased and proud to note that the very first chick was born into the riseup flock. Roadrunner and his sweetie had a home-born bouncing baby come into the world in September. His parents have been nesting at home, and we wish the new one a life of beauty, hope, and transformation.


Global capitalism may be falling apart forever. Looking for somewhere to put money that will be around long after it crumbles? Please consider giving to your friendly riseup collective. Let’s start making the world we want today. Visit


There are riseup impersonators out there trying to mess you up. We will never call ourselves “staff” and we will never ever in a trillion years ask for your password. Lots of you are getting fake emails asking you for your email password, do not respond to these and make sure your riseup friends know not to either.