Our lists are finally open!

It took us longer to get our list servers cleaned up, upgraded, and ready to go into action, but the time has come where we are open again to lists! We are thrilled to be able to provide all your great projects with lists again. You can request them at–

As always, please read through what kind of projects we do and don’t support, and our service agreement.

Lists statistics

While we’ve been doing our work on the lists machine, we came up with some statistics and numbers that you might find interesting. Sometimes, when we are in our towns working on our specific projects, it can be hard to get a scope of the worldwide movement. While this is by no means even slightly comprehensive of that movement, these numbers make us smile, and we hope you like them too.

Active Riseup Lists: 11,323 Total Subscriptions: 2,858,863 Over 950,000 messages sent a day Unique subscribed email addresses: 1,874,698

Of these email list users, 46% do not use the “Big Four” (hotmail, yahoo, gmail, AOL), while 54% do. For many lists this is not a big issue – the list is primarily for spreading information, making announcements, etc. But for those of you who are the administrator for lists that need more security and privacy, getting people on your list to use riseup email or other providers that care about privacy is a good idea. As we may have mentioned in previous emails, the big corporate email providers aren’t very good at protecting people’s privacy and have poor records of turning information over to governments.

And, of course, when you do use us, kick down some money if you can, especially if you live in the global north. Lots of people can’t, and that’s okay, but we need money to maintain & expand our services and continue to build alternative secure communication technology.