News from our peeps

Hi riseup users of many stripes and colors. Last month we asked you to write us about how your projects, campaigns, and struggles are going, and then provided a bad email address to respond to. You’d think we wouldn’t have this kinds of errors, but here’s your proof that riseup is run by people and not robots. So, once again, we’d love to here what you’re working on because these things make us happy, and because we might want to use it for future newsletters. So much of the time we work on our projects in our own towns and don’t get a real sense of how varied and beautiful our movements are. So send us your tales of daring actions and surprising successes! pigeon@riseup.net

Tech Tip: Use Firefox! Use Thunderbird!

Internet Explorer (IE) is buggy, insecure, and proprietary software owned by an evil corporation bent on world domination. People often have difficulty using riseup.net’s web based mail interface with IE. Happily, there is an awesome alternative: Firefox. It is fast, and far superior to IE. Download firefox today! http://getfirefox.com

Thunderbird is a mail client you cab install on your computer that is a dedicated program for managing your email and is the way that we recommend for checking your riseup.net mail account. Thunderbird has many features, including: IMAP and POP support, multiple accounts, quick search, spell as you type, advanced spam controls, RSS, virtual folder views, message filtering, addressbook, and support for GPG encryption. See our Thunderbird tutorials for help on setting up Thunderbird to work with riseup.net. http://getthunderbird.com

Thunderbird and Firefox are Free Software (or Software Libre, which means they part of the digital commons).

Updates from the Surveillance Apocalypse

Michèle Alliot-Marie, French Minister of the Interior and Overseas Territories, is proposing a new law to find automatic solution for some crimes. The police could run an analysis to find in credit card data, celular positionning data evidence of a crime 1. This law ‘lospi2’ contains also the monitoring of suspect computer with a bug/virus 2 in “severe cases”, including “support given to the illegal entry and residence of a foreigner” 3.

1 fr http://www.lefigaro.fr/actualite-france/2009/05/24/01016-20090524ARTFIG00098-la-police-va-pouvoir-pirater-les-ordinateurs-des-voyous-.php 2 en http://www.edri.org/edri-gram/number7.11/france-law-on-spying 3 en http://metamorphosis.org.mk/edri/francuskata-vlada-saka-da-shpionira-elektronski-komunikacii-2.html

If you want more information on monitoring the state and civil liberties in Europe, we like the website www.statewatch.org


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