Riseup story

This isn’t really a story, but i find that most groups I choose to work with use Riseup. It’s really convenient to be able to access them all from the same place. Without Riseup, this wouldn’t happen, or if it did, it would only be locally. Furthermore, the other alternative most used is our university’s listserve service, but the university reserves the right to read all electronic communication. This is especially difficult when involving planing of things against the administration or the regents, including our past planning of sit-ins and such. -Sean Daly

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Phishing Update

The riseup servers are still under attack from bad people who write emails pretending to be from riseup “staff”. We will never call ourselves “staff” and we will never ever in a million billion years ask for your password.

Win a Server for Life (some restrictions apply)

The riseup birds have big big dreams! But, alas, we are kept super busy maintaining and improving the current services we provide. One thing we are good at is building infrastructure (and acquiring donated hardware). So good, in fact, that we want to give some of it away in a contest we are calling the “Win a Server for Life (some restrictions apply) 2008 Extravaganza”.

We got the servers, you got the talent, baby! Here’s the deal: We provide your collective with free hardware, bandwidth, and rackspace for the life of the server. You provide an important service to a radical social movement or local community. So long as you are using the capacity of the server, we will maintain it and host it for you.

We are particularly keen on ideas to create new services that do not currently exist, services that are difficult to find, or services that meet a need for an underserved community. Examples might include VoIP for radicals, rails hosting that keeps no logs, an encrypted backup service for activists, secure DNS services, and so on.

The server in question is a quad core 2.8ghz xeon with 4gb of ram and three disk bays. Don’t bother with a formal proposal. Drop us a note at with your idea and what you are about. We will talk, figure out who we know in common, and make sweet data together.

Where are our leprechaun friends?

We wish we could do all that we do without any money, but sadly this is not the case. We wish we had our very own money-making machine, or lived on an autonomous island made of computer parts, or had leprechaun friends to give us gold nuggets. Unfortunately, this is not the case. What we have is you, and you alone. Please give what money you can to keep riseup running. Visit and it will make you happy.