Programmers Wanted

Let’s face it: the technology and infrastructure that are available to social movements will not be adequate in the coming years. As we enter a wave of worldwide social unrest and organizing, we are faced with two trends:

  1. Communication technology has become invaluable and integral to nearly all organizing efforts everywhere.
  2. Surveillance of this communication technology has intensified and broadened in ways that people are only now beginning to realize.

We simply do not have the technology or the infrastructure we are going to need. Riseup is working to help build the infrastructure. Ultimately, however, Riseup is only as good as the technology we run. To be able to address the future communication needs of social movements, we are going to need much better tech and we are going to need it real soon.

If you are a programmer, we need your help. Now is the time to use your skills for good. Write to


In the near future, Riseup will be switching over to use the LEAP platform. Please see for how you can contribute to this effort.


  • Collaborative Editing: Write patches to etherpad to allow anyone to destroy a pad, password protect a pad, or prevent a pad from being destroyed.


  • Social Wikis: Contribute to crabgrass development.
  • Mailing Lists: Help write a new web front end for sympa mailing list engine.
  • User Management: Help us rewrite nest, the software that manages all user accounts.


  • Webmail: Add enhanced security features to roundcube.