Network Security

Improve your network security

The internet is a wild place. Practically every click you make is now recorded, archived, and analyzed by a computer somewhere in order to predict your consumer behavior or enforce the laws of the nation state. The moment you put a computer on the internet, it is likely to be probed for vulnerabilities by viruses and crackers hoping to conscript it into a zombie bot army.

Yikes! What is an internet user to do? These pages will help you configure your computer to prevent these attacks at the network level.

Technology Difficulty When to use it
Secure Connections Automatic All Riseup services require a secure connection.
Better Web Browsing Easy There are a few easy things you can do to make your web browsing more secure and more private.
VPN Moderate Securely route your traffic through in order to help prevent spying and attacks on the content of your internet traffic.
Onion Service configuration Hard Tor is like VPN, but your traffic is bounced around the internet to many nodes to make it more anonymous. EFF has a handy visual chart showing the interaction of Tor and HTTPS

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