RiseupVPN Troubleshooting and Support


Request help

To fill out a support ticket for RiseupVPN, please visit support.riseup.net. If you found a bug, please fill out a bug report instead of a support ticket (see below).

Please make sure to include the following information:

  • What operating system you are using.
  • What version of RiseupVPN you have installed.
    • For desktop, this can be found under Shield menu > About…
    • For Android, this can be found under Side menu > About…

Report a bug

Contact channels

You can join the RiseupVPN and bitmask tester mailing list. There you can ask questions and be part of a community conversation around the development versions of our beloved VPN client.

There is also an irc channel for more instant conversations: #leap @ irc.libera.chat